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4th grade science  

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    Earth’s Surface This topic focuses on the variety of processes that shape and reshape Earth’s surface.

    4.ESS.1: Earth’s surface has specific characteristics and landforms that can be identified. 4.ESS.2: The surface of Earth changes due to weathering. 4.ESS.3: The surface of Earth changes due to erosion and deposition.

    Electricity, Heat and Matter This topic focuses on the conservation of matter and the processes of energy transfer and transformation, especially as they relate to heat and electrical energy Topic:

    4.PS.1: When objects break into smaller pieces, dissolve, or change state, the total amount of matter is conserved. 4.PS.2: Energy can be transferred from one location to another or can be transformed from one form to another.

    Earth’s Living History This topic focuses on using fossil evidence and living organisms to observe that suitable habitats depend upon a combination of biotic and abiotic factors.

    4.LS.1: Changes in an organism’s environment are sometimes beneficial to its survival and sometimes harmful. 4.LS.2: Fossils can be compared to one another and to present-day organisms according to their similarities and differences.

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