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Covid Letter November 18th

November 18, 2020

Dear Strasburg Franklin Local Community,
Last week Ohio Governor Mike DeWine addressed the general public with an update on COVID-19 in our state. He talked about the shift we have seen since last spring from making sure our hospitals had enough beds and equipment to take care of COVID-19 patients to today, making sure we have enough manpower to staff our hospitals due to the number of individuals quarantined. Our schools are no different. Today, we have seen less than 1.5% of our staff and students with a positive COVID-19 case. Our staff and students’ safety has been and remains our number one priority during all of our COVID-19 decision making. As we have communicated since March, our plans in Strasburg have remained fluid as the pandemic has evolved.
I want to assure you that Strasburg Franklin Local Schools will continue to operate in its current learning model, but it is crucial that as a community, we also plan for what is next. I truly believe that the best thing for all of our students is for schools to remain open. We know how important our essential services like access to breakfast and lunch, counseling and emotional wellness resources, and the safety of a school environment provides to students. 

If needed, the process in Strasburg Franklin Local will be first to temporarily close an individual classroom and/or school building before closing the entire district as a whole. If your child’s classroom or school building is required to close, I want to make sure that I am transparent in how we made that decision and allow parents time now to prepare a backup plan for if school were to close.
If your child’s classroom or building were to close, students in grades K-12 would work remotely through google classroom, with daily classes being taught by teachers at all grade levels. Our teachers in Strasburg Franklin Local have done a great job adapting to the ever-changing environment of teaching during COVID-19. Our staff has been trained and is prepared to provide a consistent learning environment for students, whether they are face-to-face or working remotely.
Thankfully, we have not had to quarantine any of our three bus drivers.  If that should happen and we are unable to secure a substitute driver, you may be notified of a need to transport your child(ren).  Please be patient and know that we understand changes can be frustrating, but this is truly an unprecedented time, and in order to accommodate all, there may be transportation issues that arise.






Our Board of Education has agreed to take an additional safety precaution by having needlepoint bipolar ionization installed in our buildings.  This will deliver clean air by generating ions that will be delivered through the air handling units.  This will result in the removal of airborne pathogens and support a much healthier environment for our staff and students.


From the beginning of the pandemic, our primary goal has been to provide the best possible learning experience for our students while ensuring student and staff safety. We need everyone's help like never before to keep schools open. The actions of all of us will determine if schools can remain open. This means staying home when sick, wearing a mask, maintaining social distance, and avoiding activities outside of school where the spread of the virus is more likely to occur.  It is very disheartening for our school staff to see photos on Facebook of groups of students together in the evenings and weekends.  Many parents rely upon us to stay open.  Please help us achieve that goal by doing your part as a family.
I know if we continue to work together, we can ensure that our school district can remain open.
Go Tigers,

 Mrs. Cindy Brown




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