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Responsible Restart FAQ Elementary

Strasburg Elementary School

Frequently Asked Questions


In these unsettled times, please know that we are working to provide answers as we know them.  “Patience is a virtue, and I’m learning patience.  It’s a 

                                  tough lesson.” by Elon Musk


When will school start in the Fall?

We are currently planning to open schools on August 26th, 2020. This date is subject to change as we continue to evaluate and monitor new information as it becomes available. Kindergarten students will begin August 31st. 


Will instruction be in person or online?

We will offer face-to-face, in-school instruction every day based upon the level designated for Tuscarawas County under The Ohio Public Health Advisory System.


-Level 1 and Level 2 will mean that all students will be in school every day.


-Level 3 will mean we give strong consideration to a hybrid model in which students will attend 2 or 3 days a week to allow for greater social distancing.


-Level 4 may necessitate remote learning and a shutdown of physical school buildings.


If any parent is uncomfortable sending their child to school, we will offer at home learning options as well.


Will schools be open all year? Will these procedures be in place all year?

The pandemic shifts rapidly and we don’t know what the rest of the school year may bring. If cases surge, schools may be ordered to close again, requiring all students to shift to remote learning. If the situation improves, we may be able to abandon some elements of this plan and return to more normal operating conditions.


Is Remote Learning through the Google platform like the last few months of school last year?

No, not on the Elementary side.  Elementary students will be using Florida Virtual through a collaboration with the Stark County Educational Service Center.  FLVS (Florida Virtual School) is an accredited, public, e-learning school serving students from all over the world in grades K-12 online.  


Is there a cost for my child to attend FLVS online?  

Yes, but Strasburg Elementary will pay the program costs for FLVS.


If we choose the remote option, who will my child’s teacher be?

A licensed teacher employed by Strasburg Franklin will be used to oversee Florida Virtual for our students.  We do not know which teacher it will be at this time.  It is possible your child would also have a FLVS teacher for some classes.


If I choose remote learning (FLVS) for my child, can I send them to in-person schooling if I do not think it is working after a few weeks?

If Remote Learning through FLVS is chosen, your child must stay in it for a nine week period. At the end of the commitment, your child will have the opportunity to return to in-person learning if you so choose, or continue with FLVS.


Will the district be providing technology to those families who plan on participating in remote learning at home?

Internet and technologies (Computer, printer, etc…) are the sole responsibility of the family if they decide to opt out of in-person instruction.


What if the district is required to shut down and utilize Remote Learning? Will the district be providing technology to those families who need it?

Yes. Administrators will work with families to ensure that they have the resources necessary to be successful if the district would have to utilize Remote Learning for all students.  If it becomes necessary for the entire district to move to remote learning, students enrolled in FLVS would remain enrolled in FLVS until the commitment is up.


Does my child have to wear a face covering to school?

Yes, unless there is a waiver granted for medical reasons by a licensed medical professional. Students MUST wear a face covering on all district-provided transportation and on school grounds. Age-appropriate breaks will be granted by district personnel. For younger students, we will continue to explore ways to provide more breaks during the day. If a medical waiver is granted a face shield will be required to be worn by your child.


Will the district provide face coverings for students?

No, however, we will have a limited supply of size-appropriate face coverings for students who forget them at home. Students should plan to have a minimum of two cloth masks as part of their back-to-school supplies.


What type of face coverings are acceptable?

Cloth face coverings should:

  • Fully cover the mouth, nose, and chin;

  • Fit snugly against the side of the face so there are no gaps;

  • Not create difficulty breathing while worn; and 

  • Held secure through either a tie, elastic, etc. to prevent slipping.


What if I do not want my child wearing a mask?

We know there are strong opinions about the use of masks. The State of Ohio strongly recommends masks for the increased safety of both students and adults in the school. This is especially important since some carriers of COVID-19 may not have any symptoms. Children, despite being generally less affected by COVID-19, expose school staff and adults at home who may have more risk factors. If you do not want your child to wear a mask or your child does not want to wear a mask, your child will need to utilize remote learning at home.


Are teachers required to wear a face covering?

Yes. All teachers and staff members are required to wear a face covering and to maintain physical distancing whenever possible.


Will my child be eligible for extra-curricular activities if he/she participates in online learning at home?

Yes. Students are eligible for extra-curricular activities in all learning models as long as they are meeting the academic and code of conduct requirements.


What social and emotional resources will be in place as students return?

We recognize the importance of providing students and staff with extra social and emotional support as they return to school this year. Our counselor and school-based mental health professionals will be ready to assist students and staff in need of support. We will be sharing additional resources throughout the year.


How will social distancing be accomplished when possible?

Under the face-to-face instruction model, we will social distance the best we can. It is important for students to remember returning to school in 2020-2021 will not be the same social environment as it was prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. When everyone follows social distancing guidelines, we can maximize our physical distance. However, to expect 6 feet of social distancing at all times is NOT practical.


Are grades 3-5 students going to be switching classrooms?

If we are in the Hybrid or All-In School-Based Option, students will follow their schedule to the different classrooms. Students and/or teachers will wipe down their own desk and chair as they exit the classroom.


What changes will be implemented on playgrounds and in PE classes?

We will make every effort to maintain consistency while following safety procedures. This may mean that we will limit student access to certain pieces of playground and PE equipment and restrict activities that are “high touch”. Students will use hand sanitizer before and after PE and recess along with proper handwashing.


Will there be recess?

Yes, but health guidelines on social distancing will be followed the best we are able. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, “Recess represents an essential, planned respite from rigorous cognitive tasks. It affords a time to rest, play, imagine, think, move, and socialize. After recess, for children or after a corresponding break time for adolescents, students are more attentive and better able to perform cognitively.” In addition, recess helps young children to develop social skills that are otherwise not acquired in the more structured classroom environment.”


Will there be specials (Art, Music, PE, Band, Etc.)?

Yes, all special classes will be offered this upcoming school year.  However, it is possible your child will not have all specials each week, but rather the same special every day for seven weeks.  This is still being scheduled.  


What changes will students see in the cafeteria and at water fountains?

Breakfast will be strictly grab and go and students will eat breakfast in their homeroom. Lunch will be eaten in the cafeteria, on the stage, in the gym, and/or in the classrooms.The number of students at each table will be restricted.  Assigned seats will be given. Food service will follow guidelines such as touchless serving lines, individual packaging of condiments, etc…


All water fountains will be turned off. Water bottles will be encouraged, and should be considered part of your child’s daily school supplies. We will be using classroom sinks and water bottle stations to refill water bottles throughout the day.  Water bottles should go home and be washed each evening.


Will classrooms be cleaned between classes?

Classrooms with rotating students will be cleaned multiple times throughout the day. Self-contained classrooms will be cleaned daily. All rooms will receive enhanced cleaning measures outside of the typical school day.


What else is being done to keep our schools clean?

High-touch areas will get particular attention throughout the day, and hand sanitizer will be available for students to use in classrooms and stationed throughout the school in high-traffic areas. The district will use electro-static cleaning equipment in buildings and school buses for intense after-hours cleaning.


How will parental/caregiver pick-up and drop-off be done this school year?

The Strasburg-Franklin Local School District continues to plan and find the best solutions for this operational task. We will update this information as soon as it is available.  Please plan for your child to arrive at school no earlier than 8:25.  School hours remain the same as last year.


Will bussing be provided?

Yes. Please contact Sharon Smith with any questions you have.


What will be different on school buses?

Masks will be required on buses. No students will sit in the first row of seats directly behind the bus driver. There will be mandatory assigned seating. Students from the same family will sit together. When possible, students will sit every other row to maximize social distancing. Your child’s temperature will be taken prior to being admitted onto the bus.


When should I keep my child at home?

If your child is exhibiting any signs of illness, it is best to keep him/her home.


Our school nurse is specifically trained to identify COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 symptoms in students during the school day. Students exhibiting a temperature above 100F will be required to return home. The expectation is parents and caregivers will check for symptoms of COVID-19 each day before sending children to school.


If I think I was exposed to COVID-19 or someone in my immediate family was, what should I do?

Contact the Tuscarawas County Health Department IMMEDIATELY and seek guidance from public health experts and follow protocol in place. The Tuscarawas County Health Department can be reached by calling (330) 343-5555.


How will the Strasburg-Franklin Local School District communicate if a teacher or student tests positive for COVID-19?

The district will work collaboratively with the Tuscarawas County Health Department, which will determine what steps to take if a teacher or student tests positive for COVID-19.


What will happen if someone tests positive for COVID-19?

If we have a confirmed case of COVID-19, we will follow recommendations from the Tuscarawas County Health Department while maintaining privacy according to FERPA and HIPAA guidelines. This may include closing a classroom, school, or schools for a period of time and shifting quickly to remote learning at home for students who are impacted.


What changes will be implemented in the school health clinic?

There will be separate areas created in our health clinic-one for regular care and an isolated area for anyone who presents signs or symptoms of COVID-19. 


Please reach out to our school nurse, Mrs. Val Wallace, if you have specific concerns regarding your child’s medical care.


We are pleased to have Mrs. Wallace with us full time this year.


How will the school contact me if my child is sick?

The district will continue to utilize Final Forms. All Final Forms must be completed prior to the first day of school. Please note that three emergency contacts are required on the emergency medical authorization form.  If contact information changes throughout the year please be sure to let us know.


What other changes can I expect?

Unfortunately, we must limit visitors to promote health, safety, and social distancing. Visitations will be limited to essential business and for emergency situations only. 


We will be reviewing our overall attendance policies for staff and students, as well as eliminating any attendance recognitions that could encourage attending school when not feeling well.


How can families help?

There is no single entity solely responsible for keeping everyone safe. Successfully reopening schools will require continual collaboration between administrators, staff, and teachers, and ongoing cooperation among teachers, students, and parents. Everyone has a role to play. It is important that children are checked for symptoms of illness before coming to school, and students not feeling well should be kept home.


Will there be a Back-to-School Bash?

No, but we are working on plans to schedule times to drop off supplies and meet teachers.


Please contact the school at 330-878-6503 or email with questions


The following additional information is only for those families choosing remote learning through FLVS 


  • FLVS’s online curriculum provides real-life applications and activities, which enables your child to develop independence as he or she progresses through each lesson. 

  •  In addition to weekly coursework, students also obtain live instruction from weekly Class Time sessions. During Class Time (live online interactive lessons), your child will be able to meet with classmates, participate in activities, and build relationships with their teachers and peers.  Class Time sessions allow students and teachers to “gather” and work together in an online environment. During lessons, teachers provide individualized instruction and students gain a deeper understanding of the content, engage in activities, and collaborate with their peers. 

  • FLVS understands the need for flexibility. In the event your child cannot attend a Class Time session, you may watch the weekly recordings of Class Time and recordings of specific standards for additional support. You would also want to be sure to connect with your teacher(s) on absences so he/she can offer additional support for missed instruction.

  • Students can expect to complete 2-4 assignments per week for each core course taken and about 1 assignment for each specials course.

  • All FLVS courses have a Pace Chart embedded in them, allowing families to know exactly what is expected to be submitted on a weekly basis. FLVS Flex teachers assist students in modifying the chart to reflect their chosen pace (traditional, extended, or accelerated) however, students are expected to submit work weekly to stay on pace.

  • You can expect your child to spend about 75 percent of his/her time working on computer-based activities, and the remainder will be spent putting those learned skills into action with hands-on activities.

    • Computer-based activities: attending Class Time, collaborating with classmates, reading, playing games, interactive learning tools, listening to audio clips, and watching videos.

    • Hands-on activities: handwritten worksheets, coloring and matching worksheets, projects, performing experiments, and other hands-on activities.

  • Parent Responsibilities

As a parent, you are an integral part of your child’s education. Although each FLVS course is led by a certified teacher who provides regular online instruction, elementary-aged students need additional guidance and support from their parents. Parents are expected to:

Icon of gear with silhouette of female headMonitor Student Daily


Icon of computer screen and calendarMaintain Weekly Progress

Icon of brainEnsure Content Mastery

Icon of hand touching tabletHelp with Course Navigation


Required items are:

  • Dedicated work space

  • Proper internet connection

  • A computer for each student (Chromebook and tablets limit the student experience, so we recommend against these devices)

  • Printer

  • Scanner or mobile device to capture images of assignments for uploading 

  • Headphones, microphone, and webcam to participate in Class Time and online discussions 

  • Student supplies (list distributed by each teacher)




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