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2nd Grade

Last Updated: 5/26/2020 4:27 PM

Dear Families,


    Below you will find assignments that may need to be completed at home on a day off school. You will receive a message through the All-Call system if and when these pages should be completed.

** Once completed, please email pictures of your child's work to your teacher.** (Do not return the actual papers to school when school resumes.) Don't forget to read for your reading log.


Thank you,


Second Grade Teachers (Physical Education) (Art) (Music)


Week of May 26th

“Amazon Rainforest” virtual field trip

“Exploring the Arctic for Kids” virtual field trip


Math – Math Games
*Directions and game boards for the math games can be found on the blizzard bag page.
Materials needed to play the games can be adjusted based on what you have at home. For
example, if you don’t have ‘counters’, you could use paper squares, coins, cheerios, etc.

1. Catch the Stars
2. Salamander Combine It



  1. Art Assignments
  2. Physical Education Assignments
    1. Mrs. Wolgamott's kids will complete the Phys. Ed. exercises Tuesday and Thursday

    2. Mrs. Richards's kids will complete the Phys. Ed. exercise Monday and Wednesday

      1. Follow along with this video here


  3. Music Assignment


    1. Math title:

      One optional weekly lesson is available through the website

      Class Code: AWCJTK           Password: tigers

    2. Reading Title:

      1. Activities: Worksheet

      1. Part 2