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Blizzard Bags
NOTE: Class Blizzard Page Links are located to the LEFT side of this Page.  Please access the Blizzard Bag resources for each one of your child's (children's) teacher(s) including art, physical education and music when applicable or elective courses. 
Because Strasburg-Franklin Local School District has experienced so many calamity days, the Board and Ohio Department of Education have approved our “Blizzard Bag” plan. If 80 percent of students complete their assignments, then it counts as a day of school. That means one less day tacked onto the end of the school year. School districts can use up to three blizzard bags days in a year.

The Curriculum Director and district teachers have been collaborating to develop three days of lessons and activities that allow our students to extend the learning happening in their classrooms at home via the Internet or paper/pencil copies. 

This is how it works:

1. Once a Blizzard bag day has been announced, students will access assignments on our website and complete the work within two (2) weeks after we return. These assignments can either be printed or the students’ answers can be recorded on notebook paper and returned or

2. If the student does not have access to the internet, the student or parent can request to be given a packet of work when they return to class. They will have two (2) weeks to complete and return the work. or

3. Students will be given packets labeled Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3 from the teacher. They will complete the work as each day is announced and turn in completed work.

Parents and students will need to keep these assignments in a safe place so that they can be accessed on any particular “Blizzard Bag” day. In the case of mass power outages, the assignments will be retrievable upon returning to school, and students will have two weeks to complete these assignments.

These assignments are mandatory. If a student has not turned in their “Blizzard Bag” assignments within two weeks of the “Blizzard Bag” day, then the student will be counted absent and will receive an incomplete on the assignment. Day 1 begins on the first day that school resumes after a cancellation.