Dear Strasburg-Franklin Residents,

Welcome to 2015!  Our school year is flying by!  Our staff is marching forward embracing the seven principles of the Ohio Improvement Process.  We have created a new mission and vision for the district, created a District Leadership Team, as well as, Teacher Based Teams and Building Leadership Teams.  

We are analyzing data to produce a focused, integrated plan to direct all work and resources to benefit student performance and adult practices.

Our new mission statement is:  Strasburg-Franklin Local School will strive to create life-long learners who find value in academic excellence and are able to adapt to our rapidly changing global society.
 Our new vision statement is:  Strasburg-Franklin Local School will foster:
Cindy Brown, Superintendent
Photo Courtesy of the Times-Reporter.





Our DLT (District Leadership Team) determined four priorities for improvement.  We will focus on four practices:  General Assessment, Instructional, Professional Development and Leadership.  We are committed to bringing back excellence for every student, every day.  Many times, we think of the classroom teacher.  However, it can also be the bus driver, the food service employee, the custodian, the school secretary, the principal, the counselor, and the coach who makes a significant difference in the lives of children to bring out their very best and encourage them to be more than they ever thought they could be.

While school personnel are working to improve our delivery processes, I implore you as parents to get involved in your children’s education, hold them accountable.  Take advantage of the Progressbook program to check on missing assignments and get an update on grades.  Work with us on this journey to educate our children.  You are a critical piece of this puzzle.

Pursuing Excellence for all Students,


Mrs. Cindy Brown
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